Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church - The Bronx, New York.  A Parish of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod where “God’s People Pray.”

The Rev. Dr. Dien Ashley Taylor, Pastor

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Moved from Fear to Joy: A Christmas Gift that Keeps Giving“Come, Lord Jesus.”   An Advent Prayer


Come, Lord Jesus.


Come to starving stomachs craving daily bread and hungering for a place at the Table.


Come to lips chapped from the wintry winds of work that can barely be opened to bring forth Your praise but are often sealed shut in resentment, envy and pride.


Come to tongues clipped by sonorous censors who subtly yet stealthily reduce the witness of the Faithful to mere moral and political prattle about lost and amorphous ethical sentiments from the so-called glory days.


Come to sleep-deprived servants whose black and blue knees and shins are bruised from keeping all-night vigils, pleading to you in the darkness of the night.


Come to confused minds that thirst unfortunately for the water of an oasis that is actually a mirage of pooled ignorance, learning facts but yearning wisdom.


Come to weary joints and dragging muscles routinely re-injured by the deplorable gravity of the daily grind.


Come to systems of commercial paralysis that create the enigma of less-than-progressive times for most and deceptively disappointing times for others.


Come to broken families and dissatisfied members whose existence is threatened in the incessant tugs-of-war with time and finance, with fleeting happiness and lasting joy, with easy enjoyment and worthwhile wholesomeness, with dependable staples and unpredictable scandals.


Come to blood that cries out from war abroad and injustice at home as the guilty go free and the abandoned victims lie comatose in shock and neglect.


Come to shattered dreams assailed by false and limited views of reality, riddled with vengeance, seasoned with ignorance and sobered by time.


Come to sinners enslaved in the shackles of shame and guilt, sliding in the slippery slope of self-deprecation, who sadly submit to the cycle of addiction that keeps them hopelessly forlorn.


Come to the living dead, whose corpses can do nothing but wait for the day of resurrection and renewal of a society obsessed with wanton wickedness, blind self-preservation and homicidal self-aggrandizement.


Come, Lord Jesus, in a word that releases the captive, in water that makes sinners into saints, in a meal that binds people to Your promise of life, in a community of cripples that, even when quarantined, remains a cryptic colony of Your coming age of peace, freedom, justice, truth and love.


Come, Lord Jesus.  Quickly come.


Peace and hope in Christ alone,


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A Brief History

By the mercy of Almighty God, Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Bronx, New York, was founded in 1928.


Members of St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Yonkers who lived in the Wakefield section of the Bronx in...


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