Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church. A Parish of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod where “God’s People Pray.” Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church. A Parish of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod where “God’s People Pray.” Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church. A Parish of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod where “God’s People Pray.” Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church. A Parish of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod where “God’s People Pray.”
Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church - The Bronx, New York.  A Parish of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod where “God’s People Pray.”

What's going on at Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church

Worship Services

Saturday Liturgy: 7PM

Sunday Liturgies: 8AM & 11AM

Wednesday Liturgy: 7:30PM


Anointing with Oil for Healing: Once a month as indicated in the calendar.

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  • Worship

    “To Him be glory forever. Amen” (Romans 11:35)


    WORSHIP SERVICES.  Regular Liturgies of the Holy Eucharist are conducted on:

     Saturdays at 7PM

     Sundays at 8AM

     Sundays at 11AM

     Wednesdays at 7:30PM

     Fridays at 10AM (in conjunction with Bible Study)


    ASH WEDNESDAY LITURGIES are on March 6 at 12Noon and 7:30PM.


    MIDWEEK LENTEN LITURGIES.  The theme for the midweek Lenten Liturgies is,

    “Every One His Witness.”

    March 6 at 12Noon and 7:30PM

    March 13 at 12Noon and 7:30PM

    March 20 at 12Noon and 7:30PM

    March 27 at 12Noon and 7:30PM

    April 3 at 12Noon and 7:30PM

    April 10 at 12Noon and 7:30PM


    SOME FEAST DAYS AND SPECIAL WORSHIP SERVICES ON THE HORIZON.  As we are parish where “God’s People Pray,” there are a number of worship services for special holidays and feast days of which we should be aware and which we should note as we plan to participate as the Body of Christ.  Please make every effort to attend these.

    February 23  St. Matthias, Apostle (red)   7PM

    February 24  St. Matthias, Apostle (red)   8AM and 11AM

    March 6  Ash Wednesday (black)    12Noon and 7:30PM

    March 19  St. Joseph, Guardian of Our Lord (white) 7:30PM

    March 25  Holy Annunciation of Our Lord (white) 7:45PM

    April 13  Palm Sunday/ Sunday of the Passion  (scarlet) 7PM

    April 14  Palm Sunday/ Sunday of the Passion  (scarlet) 8AM and 11AM

    April 16  Chrism Mass (white)    7:30PM

    April 18  Maundy Thursday (scarlet)   12Noon and 7:30PM

    April 19  Good Friday (black)    12Noon and 7:30PM

    April 20  Great Vigil of Pascha/Easter (white or gold) 7:30PM

    April 21  Resurrection of Our Lord / Holy Pascha / Easter Sunday  (white or gold)

              8AM, 10AM, and 12Noon

    April 29  St. Mark, Evangelist (red)   7:30PM

        at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Yonkers

    May 30  Holy Ascension of Our Lord (white)  12Noon and 7:30PM

    June 8  Vigil of Pentecost (red)    7:30PM

    June 9  Festival of Pentecost (red)   8AM and 11AM

    June 11  St. Barnabas, Apostle (red)   7:30PM

    June 15  Feast of the Most Holy Trinity (white) 7PM

    June 16  Feast of the Most Holy Trinity (white) 8AM and 11AM

    June 24  Nativity of St. John the Baptist (white) 7:45PM

    June 25  Presentation of the Augsburg Confession (white)  7:30PM

    June 29  St.  Peter and St. Paul (red)   7PM

    July 22  St. Mary Magdalene (white)   TBA

    July 25  St. James the Elder, Apostle (red)  TBA

    August 15  St. Mary, Mother of Our Lord (white) 7:30PM

    August 24  St. Bartholomew, Apostle (red)  7PM

    August 29  Beheading of St. John the Baptist (red) 7:30PM

    September 14 Holy Cross Day (red)    7PM

    September 21 St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist  (red) 7PM

    September 29 St. Michael and All Angels’ Day (white) 8AM and 11AM

    October 18  St. Luke, Evangelist (red)

    October 23  St. James of Jerusalem, Martyr (red)  7:30PM

    October 28  St. Simon and St. Jude, Apostles (red) 7:30PM

    October 31  Reformation Day (red)    12Noon and 7:30PM

    November 1 All Saints’ Day (white)    10AM and 7:30PM

    November 2 All Souls’ Day (white)    7PM

    November 30 St. Andrew, Apostle (red)   7PM


    CHRISM MASS 2019 WITH CONCERT.  The Choir of Concordia University St. Paul Minnesota shall join us for our Chrism Mass this year—Tuesday, April 16 at 7:30PM.  The Liturgy will feature music that they will share.  Please plan to attend and bring people to this event.  An offering will be received that day to help the choir in its work.


    HOLY WEEK.  The Holy Week Schedule for Redeemer is at the end of the bulletin.


    ST. MARK’S DAY.  Please reserve Monday, April 29 for “St. Mark’s Day.”  We are having a special Liturgy to give thanks to our Lord for him at our sister parish, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church (7 St. Mark’s Place in Yonkers, NY) at 7:30PM.  We are leaving Redeemer at 7PM.  If you need a ride, please contact the Parish Office by April 27.



     Una Clementine Brown (February 2)

     Robert Sylvester Johnson (February 9)

    Let us pray for Una’s and Robert’s family and friends as we grieve with hope, looking forward to the day of Christ’s return in glory and our resurrection in Him.


    + THE REV. DR. MERLIN D. REHM +   It has pleased our Lord to cause His servant, The Rev. Dr. Merlin D. Rehm to fall asleep in Christ Jesus on February 4, 2019.  Dr. Rehm had served as a Pastoral Assistant at Redeemer in the 1990s during the pastorate of Pastor Wittrock (preaching and leading Bible studies).  He was a Professor of Religion at Concordia Senior College in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a Professor of Religion and the Interim President at Concordia College New York, and the Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Scarsdale, NY before his retirement.  Dr. Rehm received Christian burial at Village Lutheran Church in Bronxville on February 9.  Gifts may be given in his honor to Village Lutheran Church (172 White Plains Road in Bronxville, NY) or to Redeemer.  Let us keep the Rehm family in our prayers.


    WE NEED FOOD FOR OUR FOOD PANTRY.   As our food pantry continues to be used by people in our neighborhood, parishioners are asked to donate to our food pantry.

    +canned vegetables and beans                +canned stews

    +canned soups of all kinds (chicken noodle, chunky chicken, vegetable, etc.)

    +canned ravioli or spaghetti and meatballs       +canned fruit

    +canned solid chicken           +canned tuna

    +Vienna sausage         +canned tomato sauce for beans

    Please make sure that items you bring are in cans and do not bring any items in cardboard boxes, plastic bags (of pasta, etc.), or the like.  The Redeemer Food Pantry is open on the second Thursday of each month from 1PM to 3PM.


    ANOINTING WITH OIL FOR HEALING.  After the 7PM, 8AM and 11AM Liturgies on the following days and before the 8AM Liturgies on these days, the anointing with oil and the laying on of hands for healing will occur.

    2019:  March 2-3  April 6-7    May 4-5

     June 1-2  July 6-7  August 3-4  September 7-8

     October 5-6 November 2-3 December 7-8

    Pastor will be available from 7:40AM until 7:55AM on Anointing with Oil for Healing days for those who can come before the 8AM Liturgy begins.  Coming at this time helps people to get to the Religious Education Hour activities in a timely way.


    TENTATIVE SCHEDULE FOR SPECIAL MUSIC DURING LITURGIES.  Be sure to watch for any changes that may be made.

    February 24  Older Sunday School (11AM)

    March 3  EYES (11AM)

    March 6  LUNGS (7:30PM)

    March 10  LUNGS (8AM and 11AM)

    March 17  ARMS (8AM and 11AM)

    March 24  Younger Sunday School (11AM)

    March 31  ensemble

    April 7  LUNGS (8AM and 11AM)

    April 14  EYES (11AM)

    April 16  Concordia University St. Paul (7:30PM)

    April 18  LUNGS (7:30PM)

    April 19  ARMS (12Noon and 7:30PM)

    April 20  LUNGS (7:30PM)

    April 21  ensemble (8AM); LUNGS (10AM); EYES (12Noon)

    April 28  ensemble

    May 5  LUNGS (8AM and 11AM)

    May 12  EYES (11AM)

    May 19  ARMS (8AM and 11AM)

    May 26  Older Sunday School

    May 30  LUNGS (7:30PM)

    June 2  ensemble

    June 8  LUNGS (7:30PM)

    June 9  EYES (11AM)

    June 16  ARMS (8AM and 11AM)

    June 23  Younger and Older Sunday School (7:30PM)

    June 30  EYES (11AM)


    DO YOU PLAY A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT?  If you play an instrument and would like to play during Liturgies, please communicate with Cantor Boehler ( or Pastor (718.324.1288 extension 102 or so that you may be a part of Redeemer EARS—Enthusiastically Adoring our Redeemer in Song.  For more information, please communicate with Cantor Boehler.


    REHEARSALS FOR LUNGS.  There are no rehearsals on the following days:

    April 20    June 8   June 22



    February 24 at 11AM   Janai Abrams (child of Shanice and Adrian)

        Nova Besi Caroline Figueroa (child of Michael and Imani)

    April 20 at 7:30PM—Great Vigil of Easter Adult catechumens

    June 8 at 7:30PM—Vigil of Pentecost  Youth catechumens



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  • Fellowship

    “So we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of each other.” (Romans 12:5)



    Typically:  after 7PM Liturgy and 8AM Liturgy—in the narthex (where our coats are hung)

    After 11AM Liturgy—in the undercroft (downstairs)

    For information about fellowship after the 7PM Liturgy, please communicate with Deaconess or Pastor.

    For information about fellowship after the 8AM Liturgy, please communicate with Janet Swaby and Joan Reid.

    For information about fellowship after the 11AM Liturgy, please communicate with Samantha Hewitt and Claudette Morrison.

    As always, refreshments are offered after each Liturgy, providing opportunity for ongoing fellowship and sharing.



     April 21  Easter Breakfast (9AM to 11:30AM)

     May 19  WRISTS Food Tasting Fundraiser Event

     June 15-16  WRISTS Hot Dog Sale

     October 19-20 WRISTS Bake Sale


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  • Education

    “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart.” (Deuteronomy 6:6)


    THE ATLANTIC DISTRICT FESTIVAL OF WORKSHOPS.  The LCMS Atlantic District Festival of Workshops 2019 is on March 9 at Concordia College New York.  To register, please complete a registration form from the narthex, the front of the church or The Bulletin Board in the undercroft and make your $25 check payable to “Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church.”  Workshop selections are listed. We need your registration by February 24.  Please note that registering through Redeemer offers you a $5 discount and is preferred so that we may coordinate who is attending.


    LENTEN DEVOTIONAL BOOKLETS FROM THE LCMS ATLANTIC DISTRICT.  These are available at   Both Deaconess and Pastor have written devotions for this resource.


    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION HOUR is every Sunday at 9:45AM.  Age-appropriate sessions are offered for all ages.  Please participate and grow in your understanding and appreciation of the Word of the Lord.


    FRIDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY meets at 10AM during the academic year (September through June) as volunteers bring breakfast food to share.  The session usually concludes by 11:45AM or 12Noon.


    THE ADULT CATECHUMENATE meets on Sundays at 9:45AM. If you are not yet baptized, not yet confirmed, want to join this congregation or want to learn more about this congregation or the Christian faith, please communicate with Deaconess or Pastor.


    THE YOUTH CATECHUMENATE meets on Wednesdays at 5PM and Fridays at 7PM.  If you are in grades 7-12 are not baptized, confirmed, or receiving the Lord’s Supper or if you want to join the Church, please communicate with Deaconess or Pastor.


    HOMEWORK HELP AND TUTORING.  If you are in need of assistance with tutoring for examinations, homework help and the like, please contact the Parish Office.


    GOSPEL OF MARK PRESENTATION.  Redeemer has been chosen to host the “Gospel of Mark” presentation made by Concordia Seminary in St. Louis on Friday, April 26 at 7:30PM.  Presenters include

     The Rev. Dr. Kent Burreson (Professor at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis)

     The Rev. Dr. Dale A. Meyer (President of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis)

     The Rev. Dr. Ron Rall (Pastor, Timothy Lutheran Church, St. Louis)

     The Rev. Dr. David Schmidt (Professor at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis)

     The Rev. Dr. James W. Voelz (Professor at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis)

     The Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler (Lutheran Hour Speaker)

    You do not want to miss this opportunity to experience the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to St. Mark in an oral fashion.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend as we welcome these distinguished guests to Redeemer.


    VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL.  Vacation Bible School is scheduled for August 18-25 from 9AM to 12:15PM (except on August 24 when it is from 11AM to 3PM and Sunday when it is 9AM to 1PM).



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  • Stewardship

    “Contribute to the needs of the saints.” (Romans 12:13)


    COLLECTING UNDERWEAR FOR THOSE IN NEED.  This year, under the Advent and Christmas tree that is decorated with our pictures, we shall collect underwear for children, women, and men.  Only new underwear in packages can be accepted.  You may bring them all during the Advent season.


    HELPING WITH THE CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES.  If you wish to contribute financially to this effort, please make your check payable to “Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church” or pay with cash or via and one hundred percent of your contributions will go directly to those who are in need in California.


    CATCHING UP AND DEMOLISHING THE DEFICIT.  It is time to catch up with your offerings for 2018.  Our deficit is not pleasing to our Lord.  Please catch up with your gifts and worship our Lord with your offerings before the year ends.


    SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFERING.  Our Special Christmas Offering effort has begun.  Enevelopes are included in the bulletin and are being mailed to you.  The special collection will happen on December 15-16.  Please do what you can to make the big difference in our neighborhood and contribute to this special deficit-defeating effort.  Also, please pass envelopes along to your friends and family members, especially to those who benefit from the gifts our Lord has given to us at Redeemer.  Thank you in advance for your effort with this.


    PURCHASE WITH PURPOSE:  AMAZON SMILE FOUNDATION.  AMAZON SMILE is offering a matching funds opportunity for those who shop using them and listing Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church in The Bronx as the beneficiary.  This is the link for those who wish to add Redeemer as their beneficiary:

    Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church. #YouShopAmazonDonates


    FINANCIAL STATEMENTS CAN BE EMAILED TO YOU.  131 people now receive their quarterly financial contribution statements via e-mail.  This is an efficient manner to receive information that saves paper and postage.  If you are interested in receiving your statement by email, please email


    SOME REQUESTS CONNECTED WITH USING OFFERING ENVELOPES.  As you use offering envelopes, the following will be helpful for Redeemer as we keep records for contributors:

    1. Discard all envelopes from the previous year.  Do not use envelopes from previous years.

    2. Do not change the dates on the envelopes; keep the dates that are printed on them.

    3. Use the offering envelopes you were assigned this year for your monetary contributions this year.

    4. Include your envelope number with any special contributions you make.

    5. Unless a contribution has been designated to a special offering, it will be allocated to the general fund.

    Thank you for all your contributions as Redeemer “receives, teaches, celebrates and shares Christ Jesus.”


    BRICKS.  Order yours today for $80.00 dollars.  Forms are available at, in the mail slot outside the restrooms on the lower level, or from the parish office.  The profits assist us with our capital improvement projects at Redeemer.  Purchase a brick or more today.


    EMPTY INK CARTRIDGES.  Thank you to all who bring to Redeemer their empty ink cartridges.  It saves us a lot of money.  You may also drop off those cartridges at Staples and indicate “Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church” with the phone number 718.324.1288 so that Redeemer may receive the business rewards credit.


    POSTAGE STAMPS ARE NEEDED.  The LWML is collecting used postage stamps to help fund ministry to the blind and to the deaf.  Please bring the envelope with the stamp on it (so that the stamp may be cut in the proper way) and place it in the “Old Stamps” mailbox downstairs outside the undercroft by the restrooms.


    FILL YOUR MITE BOX.  Please continue to use the mite boxes.  If you need one, they are in a basket under the narthex pew (in the back of the church).  The money from the mite boxes are used to pay for the Mission Grant from the Atlantic District Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.  Redeemer is receiving a grant from the 2014-2015 biennium through the money collected in these mite boxes throughout the Atlantic District. Full Mite Boxes may be placed in Cecile Walker’s mailbox downstairs outside the undercroft by the restrooms.  Thank you.


    WE CONTINUE TO COLLECT BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION for The Lutheran School of Our Saviour in the Bronx.  If you have any, please bring them to the “Box Tops” mailbox downstairs just outside the undercroft.


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  • EYES - Energetic Youth Engaged in Service—Youth Group

    “How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to Your Word.”

    (Psalm 119:9)


    TENTATIVE SCHEDULE FOR OUR SAVIOUR GYM NIGHTS.  EYES is scheduled to go to Our Saviour’s gym on the following dates:

    February 15   March 15   April 5   May 10    June 28


    LCMS NATIONAL YOUTH GATHERING.  A number of youth and adults are attending the upcoming Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod National Youth Gathering in Minneapolis, Minnesota this summer (July 11-15).  The cost per person is $1500.  Thanks be to God for those who have been supporting our young people with their donations and even underwriting the cost of a youth to attend.  Thanks be to God also for our auxiliaries that are supporting this fundraising effort and giving money for youth to attend the gathering (LEGS, LIPS, WRISTS).  Thanks be to God for EYES for their many fundraisers to pay for this youth gathering as well.

    The following people have been registered to attend:


    Kenisha Barrett  Kayla Cummings   Michelle Danville  Ariana Henry

    Madison Kelly Lauren Lucario   Delano Mallet  Jayson Rochester    Jonathan Rodriguez Julia Rodriguez  Nathan Seoprasad  Rasheed Smikle   Marques Van Duyne


    Chanel Cummings  Kareema Gathers Eric Sandblom  Christopher Schmidt    Deaconess   Pastor

    Let us continue to keep all in our prayers.


    ADDITIONAL EYES FUNDRAISERS.  There are additional fundraisers for the National Youth Gathering scheduled for April 27-28.  Donations for the upcoming National Youth Gathering always are welcomed and encouraged.


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  • HEARTS - Here, Eager And Ready To Serve—Young Adults’ Group

    “Your young men shall see visions.” (Joel 2:28)


    HEARTS LWML SOCIETY MEETING.  Women in Redeemer HEARTS are forming a new LMWL Society.  The initial meeting is on Thursday, February 28 at 7:30PM in the Catechist Rosa Room.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Deaconess.


    GOOD FRIDAY.  Please set aside April 19 on your calendars for the Good Friday drama.  Rehearsals will precede each event.


    FINANCIAL PLANNING SEMINAR.  Redeemer HEARTS and LEGS are hosting a financial seminar on Tuesday, April 23 at 7:30PM.  Our own Darryl Thompson will work with others to help us to learn how to plan with respect to our finances.  If you are interested in attending, please contact the Parish Office or John Swaby (President of LEGS).


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  • LAPS - Learning to Assist Parents and Seniors—Support for Caregivers

    “Your young men shall see visions.” (Joel 2:28)


    MEDICAL EQUIPMENT.  If you have need of some medical equipment (crutches, wheel chair, travel chair, canes, etc.), please contact the Parish Office before your purchase things.  Often times, people donate these items to Redeemer so that they can be passed along to others for their use.


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  • LEGS - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in Service--Men’s Group

    “Blessed it the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life…” (James 1:12)


    LEGS GENTLEMEN’S BREAKFAST.  The LEGS Gentlemen’s Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday, March 23 at 9AM.  The speaker is The Rev. Deric A. Taylor, Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Fair Lawn, New Jersey and the Second Vice-President of the LCMS New Jersey District.  The theme is, “When a Wish to IMPRESS Turns into a MESS!  A Study of Exodus 18.”  This is from Pastor Deric Taylor about his presentation:

    Let us gather and explore the unique and not so unique dynamics of a father-in-law's visit with his famous son-in-law. Moses' father-in-law Jethro comes for a visit, so Moses takes the opportunity to have dear old dad experience what he, as the children of Israel's deliverer is tasked to do for God's people.  It is a wonderful piece of history dealing with love, honesty, relationships, trust, and good old common sense.



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  • LIPS - Ladies in Prayer and Service--Women’s Group

    “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” (Proverbs 31:30)


    LIPS MEETINGS.  Redeemer LIPS (Ladies In Prayer and Service) has changed its meeting time.  Please note the following general meeting dates at 7:30PM

    (There are no meetings in July or August.)

    March 4 April 1  May 6  June 3


    LIPS ANNIVERSARY LUNCHEON.  This luncheon is scheduled for Saturday, March 16 at 10:30AM.  The speaker is Ms Carol Sandblom with the theme, “Becoming a Beacon of Hope.”  The cost is $35 a ticket.


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  • WRISTS - Women Rejoicing In Service To Society—Women’s Group

    “Serve the Lord with gladness!” (Psalm 100:2)


    WRISTS MEETINGS.  Redeemer WRISTS is meeting on the following days at 12Noon:

    March 4   April 10 (Lenten Liturgy followed by the meeting)  May 6

    June 3  July 1 (if needed)  September 9 October 7

    November 4  December 2


    BOWLING TRIP.  WRISTS is going bowling on Thursday, May 2.  People are meeting at Redeemer at 9:30AM.  If you are interested in attending, please communicate with Charlotte Waithe.


    FOOD TASTING FUNDRAISER.  WRISTS is hosting a Food Tasting Fundraiser on Sunday, May 19 after the 8AM and 11AM Liturgies.  For a dollar a cup, people may purchase samples of delicious food and assist WRISTS with fundraising.  Be sure to bring your empty stomach and your desire to try some homemade goodies.


    WESTCHESTER BROADWAY THEATRE TRIP.  WRISTS is seeing “Get on Your Feet” on June 13.  People are departing Redeemer at 10:30AM for the show that costs $58.  If you are interested in attending, please communicate with Charlotte Waithe.


    HOT DOG SALE.  WRISTS is having a Hot Dog Sale on Fathers’ Day (June 15-16) after the Liturgies.  All boys and men receive one free hot dog.


    HIGH TEA.  The WRISTS High Tea is scheduled for Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 1PM.


    COAT SALE.  WRISTS is hosting a Coat Sale on November 16-17 after the Liturgies.


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  • Parish Administration

    “ Say among the nations, “The Lord reigns.” (Psalm 96:10)


    ANNOUNCEMENTS.  For this duration, we shall print only a bulletin instead of a bulletin and Announcement Folder.  We shall see how this works.  Please follow the announcements in the bulletin and on the website:   You may also follow events on social media links provided on Redeemer’s website.


    GETTING IN TOUCH WITH REDEEMER.  The phone number for Redeemer is 718.324.1288.  The Parish Office telephone extension is 101.  The parish e-mail address is  Pastor’s telephone extension is 102.   His e-dress is  Deaconess Rojas’ extension is 104.  Her e-dress is



    Voters’ Assembly meetings are ordinarily conducted in the undercroft at 7:45PM, unless indicated otherwise.  Here are the dates for the Voters’ Assembly meetings:

    2019: March 25   April 22   May 20   June 24



    + Redeemer ended the year fiscally in the black, supporting all budgeted (and many

    unbudgeted) missions and paying all bills.  All glory and praise be to Jesus Christ!  January giving (on average) is down so people are encouraged to embrace sustained financial giving throughout the entire year.

    + An update about the Tremont property was offered as we move forward in faith.

    + An update was offered about Koinonia and Redeemer’s commitment to this camp.

    + Redeemer’s revised Wedding Information policy was approved.


    PARISH CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS.  Copies are available in the mailbox in the undercroft called “Parish Constitution.”


    JOINING THE VOTERS’ ASSEMBLY.  The Voters’ Assembly is the official voting body of our parish, making decisions especially with respect to the custody of real and personal property, temporalities, revenues and the administration of ecclesiastical affairs.  Please communicate with Pastor if you are interested in becoming a voting member of the parish.


    ALL PART OF THE BODY OF CHRIST.  As we continue to grow as a parish and as we celebrate the many parts of our mercy, witness and life together, here is a quick list of body parts and groups that we have at Redeemer:

    ARMS (Always Rejoicing in Movement and Song, liturgical dancers)

    EARS (Enthusiastically Adoring our Redeemer in Song, formerly “Instrumental Ensemble,”

    a musical instrumental group)

    EYES (Energetic Youth Engaged in Service, a youth group)

    FEET (Fun and Educational Exercising Together, an exercise group)

    HANDS (Helping All to be Neighbors in the Divine Service, formerly “Ushers,” a

    hospitality group)

    HEARTS (Here, Eager And Ready To Serve, a young adults group)

    LAPS (Learning to Assist Parents and Seniors, a group for caretakers)

    LEGS (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in Service, a men’s group)

    LIPS (Ladies In Prayer and Service, a women’s group)

    LUNGS (Lifting Up the Name of God in Song, an adult choir)

    WRISTS (Women Rejoicing In Service To Society, a women’s group)


    PERIODICALS.  Lutheran periodicals and other educational periodicals are available for your reading in the undercroft next to the Music Room, to the left of the refrigerators.  The periodicals can give you information about happenings in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, institutions of the Synod and other agencies.  Feel free to read them while you are here.


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Members of St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Yonkers who lived in the Wakefield section of the Bronx in...


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