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The Rev. Dr. Dien Ashley Taylor, Pastor

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Moved from Fear to Joy: A Christmas Gift that Keeps Giving“Joy Comes with the Morning”


For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime.

Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.

(Psalm 30:5 ESV)


“…with the morning…”


Our Lord brings us to the day—to the highest mountain of the dawn, so that we may dwell in His house forever.  After the weeping we endure for the night, He brings us to morning glory so that we who stumbled in the darkness now stand in the brightness of a new and joyous day.  In the Paschal season, we rejoice that the dark night of our soul has given way to the bright day of our new life in Christ whose death and resurrection brings us out from death to life.


Joy came to the children of Israel after their slavery of Egypt.  “I will sing unto the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously.”  Slavery in Egypt was like a blink of the eye compared to the freedom they would enjoy in the Promised Land.  O wondrous morning!  Joy came in the morning.


The ransomed of the Lord returned and came with singing into Zion and everlasting joy was upon their heads when Babylon was in their rearview mirrors and captivity gave way to celebration.  Mourning gave way to morning.  70 years was just a phase, just a moment compared to the eternity of joy our Lord had before them.  O beautiful dawn!  Joy came in the morning.


As all creation awaited the coming of Messiah, the dark night of Bethlehem gave way to brilliant and joyous light as Christ Jesus was born.  The weeping of the night gave way to the joy that came with the morning.  That Christmas morning pointed to Easter morning, when the Friday and Saturday mourning of Christ’s crucifixion and burial would give way to the inexpressible (and often unbelievable) Sunday morning joy of Christ’s resurrection that broke the night of silence with the glorious resurrection of the Christ.  Fasting gave way to feasting.  The mourning was broken because the morning had broken.  And that Easter morning had the message that has broken through the ages that makes every morning Easter morning:  Alleluia! Christ is risen!  O happy day!  Joy comes in the morning.


The bottom line is that something better is coming…and it is already here.  We are justified through faith in Jesus Christ right now.  Easter has a unique way of reminding us of that.  The Paschal candle lit in the darkness with the chrism and water on our dry bones and flesh bring us into that beautiful day at the Great Vigil of Easter, the night which shines as bright as the day.  There, we are directed to the morning that will never end, where there is no more night, no more pain, no more tears and no more crying ever again.  Our Lord is raised from the dead and we are refreshed as His joy does come in the morning and brings us to the city where there will be no more need for sun as Christ Himself is our Light forever.


Getting up in the morning, though, can still be a drag sometimes.  Our tired bones, our skeptical minds and our anxious hearts anticipating what we believe will be our tasks for the day can keep us cooped up and crippled in our ever-beckoning beds.  Sometimes, the fear of the new day does not give us the skip in our step that would motivate us to move forward.  Yet, the same one identified as “Rabbouni” who spoke to Mary Magdalene early on Easter morning is the same Lord reaching out to us.  This Christ calls us in the waters of Holy Baptism by our names and brings us through the morning to the joyous day that will have no end.  Our sins are forgiven. Our destiny is certain.  As fasting gives way to feasting, let the Paschal feast begin as we “lift up our hearts” and “lift them to the Lord” at the Holy Eucharist.  Let us keep this festival of joy with joy through the Joy of our Desiring—Jesus the Christ.


Morning has broken.  The Paschal season is here.  Easter is upon us.  Our Lord has brought us from death to life.  Nothing can separate us from His enduring and redeeming love.  He who will raise us up on the Last Day lifts us up today as our faith and hope are founded and grounded in Him.  Joy is coming…and joy is here in Jesus Christ.  Good things are certainly coming.   Good things are here.  You watch and see.


Peace, joy and hope in Christ Jesus,


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