Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church. A Parish of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod where “God’s People Pray.” Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church. A Parish of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod where “God’s People Pray.” Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church. A Parish of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod where “God’s People Pray.” Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church. A Parish of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod where “God’s People Pray.”
Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church - The Bronx, New York.  A Parish of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod where “God’s People Pray.”


Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, by God’s grace, is a praying community of service that receives, teaches, celebrates and shares Christ Jesus.

Mission Statement

Advent is a time of great expectations.


Spirit-Enabled Speaking

“as the Spirit enabled them to speak…” (Acts 2:4 CEB)...


“I shall live.…” (Psalm 118:17)

Every waking moment of our lives and every breath we take...

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Saturday Liturgy: 7PM

Sunday Liturgies: 8AM & 11AM

Wednesday Liturgy: 7:30PM

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The Rev. Dr. Dien Ashley Taylor, Pastor

Dcs. Raquel A. Rojas, Deaconess

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WORSHIP SERVICES.  Regular Liturgies of the Holy Eucharist are conducted on:

 Saturdays at 7PM

 Sundays at 8AM

 Sundays at 11AM

 Wednesdays at 7:30PM

 Fridays at 10AM (in conjunction with Bible Study)


THE SEASON OF LENT.  As the holy season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and prepares us for the celebration of our Lord’s resurrection and ours in Him, let us embrace the disciplines of Lent with enthusiasm and expectation.  Although not exhaustive by any means, here are some practical ways to embrace those disciplines:


 + attend Liturgies on the weekends (corporate prayer)

 + attend midweek Lenten Liturgies (Wednesdays at 12Noon and 7:30PM) (corporate prayer)

 + use Lenten devotional booklets in addition to Portals of Prayer and other devotional resources

 + devote more time in your day for prayer (individual prayer)

 + pray for the needs on the Prayer List

 + take time to make entries for the Prayer List on Redeemer’s website


 + give up a food, certain foods, or a type of food during the season

 + abstain from a meal and use the time to pray (Be sure to do so respecting your body and only if your health permits it.).

 + give up a favorite internet site or social media platform

+ give up a favorite recreational activity

 + give up over-working and recalibrate your schedule and life


 + increase your weekly financial giving in worship

 + use funds that you would have used for favorite foods or activities to help the poor and needy around you

 + identify clothing that you are no longer using and donate it

 + volunteer your time to help people in need


MIDWEEK LENTEN LITURGIES.  The theme for the midweek Lenten Liturgies is,

“Every One His Witness.”

April 3 at 12Noon and 7:30PM  “Invite”

April 10 at 12Noon and 7:30PM  “Encourage”


SOME FEAST DAYS AND SPECIAL WORSHIP SERVICES ON THE HORIZON.  As we are parish where “God’s People Pray,” there are a number of worship services for special holidays and feast days of which we should be aware and which we should note as we plan to participate as the Body of Christ.  Please make every effort to attend these.

April 13  Palm Sunday/ Sunday of the Passion  (scarlet) 7PM

April 14  Palm Sunday/ Sunday of the Passion  (scarlet) 8AM and 11AM

April 16  Chrism Mass (white)    7:30PM

April 18  Maundy Thursday (scarlet)   12Noon and 7:30PM

April 19  Good Friday (black)    12Noon and 7:30PM

April 20  Great Vigil of Pascha/Easter (white or gold) 7:30PM

April 21  Resurrection of Our Lord / Holy Pascha / Easter Sunday  (white or gold)

          8AM, 10AM, and 12Noon

April 29  St. Mark, Evangelist (red)   7:30PM

    at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Yonkers

May 30  Holy Ascension of Our Lord (white)  12Noon and 7:30PM

June 8  Vigil of Pentecost (red)    7:30PM

June 9  Festival of Pentecost (red)   8AM and 11AM

June 11  St. Barnabas, Apostle (red)   7:30PM

June 15  Feast of the Most Holy Trinity (white) 7PM

June 16  Feast of the Most Holy Trinity (white) 8AM and 11AM

June 24  Nativity of St. John the Baptist (white) 7:45PM

June 25  Presentation of the Augsburg Confession (white)  7:30PM

June 29  St.  Peter and St. Paul (red)   7PM

July 22  St. Mary Magdalene (white)   TBA

July 25  St. James the Elder, Apostle (red)  TBA

August 15  St. Mary, Mother of Our Lord (white) 7:30PM

August 24  St. Bartholomew, Apostle (red)  7PM

August 29  Beheading of St. John the Baptist (red) 7:30PM

September 14 Holy Cross Day (red)    7PM

September 21 St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist  (red) 7PM

September 29 St. Michael and All Angels’ Day (white) 8AM and 11AM

October 18  St. Luke, Evangelist (red)

October 23  St. James of Jerusalem, Martyr (red)  7:30PM

October 28  St. Simon and St. Jude, Apostles (red) 7:30PM

October 31  Reformation Day (red)    12Noon and 7:30PM

November 1 All Saints’ Day (white)    10AM and 7:30PM

November 2 All Souls’ Day (white)    7PM

November 30 St. Andrew, Apostle (red)   7PM


HOLY WEEK.  The Holy Week Schedule for Redeemer is at the end of the bulletin.


CHRISM MASS 2019 WITH CONCERT.  The Choir of Concordia University St. Paul Minnesota shall join us for our Chrism Mass this year—Tuesday, April 16 at 7:30PM.  The Liturgy will feature music that they will share.  Please plan to attend and bring people to this event.  An offering will be received that day to help the choir in its work.


EASTER FLOWERS.  You may contribute to our Easter flowers with your gifts “in memory of” or “in thanksgiving for” and include your donation and note in the offering plate as we prepare the Lord’s house for the festive celebration of His resurrection.


ST. MARK’S DAY.  Please reserve Monday, April 29 for “St. Mark’s Day.”  We are having a special Liturgy to give thanks to our Lord for him at our sister parish, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church (7 St. Mark’s Place in Yonkers, NY) at 7:30PM.  We are leaving Redeemer at 7PM.  If you need a ride, please contact the Parish Office by April 27.


WE NEED FOOD FOR OUR FOOD PANTRY.   As our food pantry continues to be used by people in our neighborhood, parishioners are asked to donate to our food pantry.

+canned vegetables and beans                +canned stews

+canned soups of all kinds (chicken noodle, chunky chicken, vegetable, etc.)

+canned ravioli or spaghetti and meatballs       +canned fruit

+canned solid chicken           +canned tuna

+Vienna sausage         +canned tomato sauce for beans

Please make sure that items you bring are in cans and do not bring any items in cardboard boxes, plastic bags (of pasta, etc.), or the like.  The Redeemer Food Pantry is open on the second Thursday of each month from 1PM to 3PM.


ANOINTING WITH OIL FOR HEALING.  After the 7PM, 8AM and 11AM Liturgies on the following days and before the 8AM Liturgies on these days, the anointing with oil and the laying on of hands for healing will occur.

2019: April 6-7    May 4-5 June 1-2  July 6-7  August 3-4  September 7-8  October 5-6 November 2-3 December 7-8

Pastor will be available from 7:40AM until 7:55AM on Anointing with Oil for Healing days for those who can come before the 8AM Liturgy begins.  Coming at this time helps people to get to the Religious Education Hour activities in a timely way.


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE FOR SPECIAL MUSIC DURING LITURGIES.  Be sure to watch for any changes that may be made.

April 7  LUNGS (8AM and 11AM)

April 14  EYES (11AM)

April 16  Concordia University St. Paul (7:30PM)

April 18  LUNGS (7:30PM)

April 19  ARMS (12Noon and 7:30PM)

April 20  LUNGS (7:30PM)

April 21  ensemble (8AM); LUNGS (10AM); EYES (12Noon)

April 28  ensemble

May 5  LUNGS (8AM and 11AM)

May 12  EYES (11AM)

May 19  ARMS (8AM and 11AM)

May 26  Older Sunday School

May 30  LUNGS (7:30PM)

June 2  ensemble

June 8  LUNGS (7:30PM)

June 9  EYES (11AM)

June 16  ARMS (8AM and 11AM)

June 23  Younger and Older Sunday School (7:30PM)

June 30  EYES (11AM)


DO YOU PLAY A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT?  If you play an instrument and would like to play during Liturgies, please communicate with Cantor Boehler ( or Pastor (718.324.1288 extension 102 or so that you may be a part of Redeemer EARS—Enthusiastically Adoring our Redeemer in Song.  For more information, please communicate with Cantor Boehler.


REHEARSALS FOR LUNGS.  There are no rehearsals on the following days:

April 20    June 8   June 22



April 20 at 7:30PM—Great Vigil of Easter adult catechumens

June 8 at 7:30PM—Vigil of Pentecost  youth catechumens

A Brief History

By the mercy of Almighty God, Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Bronx, New York, was founded in 1928.


Members of St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Yonkers who lived in the Wakefield section of the Bronx in...


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